Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Things That Fill Me With Pure, Unadulterated Joy

Friday after work...Regina Spektor's "On the Radio"...Triples alley...Eileen's kick move/kick dance...the third drink of the night...doing my Axel dance in a crowded bar...when members of the religious right get caught doing gay stuff...the end of The Usual Suspects ("and like that...he was gone")...Sarah Chalke on Scrubs...playing "Free Bird" with a partner on "Guitar Hero"...jokes about the Raiders...the last five minutes of the Six Feet Under finale...when the alarm goes off on a Saturday and I roll over, turn it off, and go back to bed...the sports page after all of my teams won that night...the thought of how W is going to look in history books 50 years from now...seeing "The Catch" replayed on "best of" lists...meeting up in the hotel room on the first night of a trip with friends...my video game chair...when Eddie Vedder stage dives in the "Even Flow" video...having a good excuse to drink before noon...my newspaper clipping of when Davis beat Stanford in football...hitting the point in craps, followed by a group hug of strangers...getting the parking spot right outside the building...Chuck Berry's "duck walk"...quesadillas.

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Anonymous said...

1. Thank you for reminding me about Eddie Vedder; I will correct this heinous omission now.
2. You need an EXCUSE to drink before noon? How 'bout staying up til 7?
3. The last six minutes of the SFU finale - is that where Claire is driving and "Cold Wind" by Arcade Fire is playing? I agree. Goosebumps. Although, the David and Keith man love was great, too.