Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers

I have zero time tonight, so this will have to be a short one. This relatively unknown cult classic will appeal to you if:

1. You like horror films with creative/disgusting death sequences. My favorite is when Angela, the killer camp counselor, drowns a camper in an outhouse by using a larger branch to submerge the unlucky victim's head beneath the muck. Classic.

2. You like gratuitous nudity. Lots and lots of it. You're sold already, aren't you?

3. You like the 80's. The perms, mullets, and short shorts.

4. You like happy, yet oddly creepy camping songs that get stuck in your head for days. "Oooooohhhh, I'm a happy camper! I love the summer sun. I love the trees and forest; I'm always having fun!"

5. You like your movies to follow the plan: The promiscuous, drug-abusing teens go first, and that's that.

6. You like sequels where seeing the original is not required. I've actually seen the original, and I'd advise against it. They tell you what you need to know in the beginning around the campfire, anyway.

7. You like celebrity relatives. Angela is played by Pamela Springsteen. That's right, The Boss' sister. And the "Final Girl," Molly, is Renee Estevez, sis of Emilio and half sis of Charley Sheen.

I'm going to assume you can find this on dvd, but I still own a trusty vhs copy. It just feels right.

Nolanometer Final Grade: A-

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