Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Man Crush

One of the benefits of society becoming more accepting of different forms of sexuality is that men can finally talk openly about other men they consider attractive. Let's face it; we all have one guy (or several) that we look at and think: "You know, I'm not gay. But if I were..."

Ironically, the fact that you're able to admit to your "man crush" makes you more heterosexual, not less. Only someone secure in his sexuality can admit that he likes the cut of another man's jib and not feel self-conscious about it. It's those who lack confidence in their manhood who splutter, "What? You think another guy is hot? That's so gay!"

My man crush has been unwavering since I was a teen (although I never would've admitted it then). When I saw Last of the Mohicans, I saw a representation of all that is man: Daniel Day-Lewis.

Not only does DDL exude masculinity and charisma, he's a fantastically talented actor. From My Left Foot, to In the Name of the Father, to Gangs of New York, to There Will Be Blood, he's a completely different person. Can you believe this guy-

and this guy-

are the same person? Amazing, right?

I just finished up The Crucible with my juniors, and they're well aware of my man crush. I'm so impressed by his turn as John Proctor in the film version that I pattern my own performance after it while reading the play aloud in class. I swear I think I almost squeezed out some tears this year during the climactic scene. What can I say? The man inspires me.

Here he is, exuding unwanted sexuality as he calls Abigail (Winona Ryder) a whore:

So, how about you? Who are your man crushes? Ladies, go ahead and pick your woman crushes. It's nowhere near as taboo, but it's always entertaining for us fellas.


Jessica said...

OK I'll play.
I think you have made a very intellectual pick. Not exactly the first guy you think of when asked to picture a hottie. Way to think outside the box.

My girl crush has been fairly stable for years.
I choose Catherine Zeta-Jones despite her apparent penchant for loving the elderly.
Though MD was especially awesome in Wonder Boys.

Mary said...

What happened to your love of Ray Liotta?