Friday, October 23, 2009

Party Over Principle, Part I

I'm a Republican, so I hate Barack Obama, the Democrats, and everything they do.

I was hoping that the U.S. would get the Olympics, but then I heard it was going to be in Chicago, Obama's home base, and I started rooting against it. When he went to Europe to campaign for it, and it failed, I was elated. Let someone else benefit from the world's largest sporting event, as long as Obama doesn't get another feather in his cap!

Speaking of bogus cap feathers, can you believe Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize? What a joke! Even though he said he was surprised by it and didn't think he deserved it and had nothing to do with his selection, you know he orchestrated it somehow. He probably made some commie deal with those commie European countries, because he's a socialist. You know, being a communist and a socialist is the same thing, and he's both.

Then there's this whole bailout disaster. He's giving our tax money to businesses because they're too big to fail. He claims it would destroy hundreds of thousands of jobs and entire cities. Where did he get such a commie idea? When Bush did it, he was just saving the free market from itself. Obama wants the government to own everything. Even my big screen t.v. And he will not get my big screen t.v. Supposedly, he's following the example of another commie Democrat FDR. You're taking cues from the guy in the wheelchair? What a loser.

Did you see the video of this white kid got beat up on a bus by a bunch of black kids? You know who ordered it, right? Obama!

Remember when he ordered those Somalian pirates killed? What a racist! If they were white, he never would've done that. He's half white, you know. He just pretends to be all black to get all the blacks to vote for him. What a fascist move, taking out those pirates. Fascists and communists and socialists are all the same, you know.

Did you see when he killed that fly? Ha! He claims to be all environmental, and he kills a fly? What a hypocrite!

Did you know Obama has a puppy! Puppies are the worst! Any real American would have a cat!

Then there are his democrat cronies. Can you believe the Donkeys elected a comedian to the senate? What qualifications does Al Franken have? At least Ahnold was an action star. That's someone who knows how to get things done.

And did you see the bill Franken proposed? It protected employees of government-contracted companies (like Haliburton) from getting gang-raped. Can you believe that? I mean, what's a better example of good 'ol American capitalism than gang rape of federally contracted employees? We had no choice but to vote against that nonsense.

At any rate, both those wars are shams. What's Obama thinking in Afghanistan and Iraq? They're both dead ends. Whatever solutions he's proposing are wrong. Send more troops? Wrong. Pull troops out? Wrong. Stay the course? Wrong, wrong, wrong.

As long as the Dems run things, nothing can be right. Nothing.


Jessica said...

People of ALL parties elect marginally qualified people to office based on name recognition.
Sometimes straight to a governorship like Jesse Ventura or Ah-nuld.
Sometimes into more local positions like Sonny Bono or Clint Eastwood.

There's actually an Arizona state Corporation Commissioner named Paul Newman....the election was shortly after the actual Paul Newman's death.....I gotta think that name recognition played a part.

andy steinkamp said...

Not sure if you saw John Stewart's take on the Frankten bill, pretty hilarious/ridiculous/pathetic:

If this link doesn't work just type "daily show al franken bill" into google.

gotta love the GOP